Scripture in the Morning #113

Scripture in the Morning #113:

Good Morning:

Why then does God command us to do what we cannot do in our own power?

To further answer this question, I ask that you indulge me a bit with a personal perspective. Before I was saved, I viewed the Christians I knew as being very arrogant and self righteous – as if they thought they were better than others – as if they thought they were moral superiors to everyone else. And, by the way, I was not alone in that perspective. Many people outside the faith see Christians that way.

Why do many outside the faith see Christians that way?

Because they are correct. Many Christians are arrogant, do think that they are moral superiors to non-believers and are self righteous.

Why are so many of us like that? Some things to consider. Perhaps it is because too many believers think that they author obedience in their own power – as if they obey in their own abilities – and that it is not actually God moving them to obey, producing obedience in them. Such believers credit themselves then for obedience. Of course then, human pride kicks in. But…

When God has been so gracious as to make us aware that it is He at work in and through us and not us that results in obedience — well, we are both humbled and blessed. Then and only then is God properly credited for His work in us. All glory onto Him.

Why then does God command us to do what we cannot do in our own power? To ensure that God rightly gets all credit for the obedience He produces in and through us. So that we do not credit ourselves and thereby become arrogant, prideful and divisive, seeing ourselves as better than others.

Heb 13:21 it is God who equips you with everything good that you may do His will, working in us that which is pleasing in His sight

If we credit ourselves to any degree for anything good in us we are not aligned with reality, we inflate our own egos, we dishonor God and we develop a heart attitude that comes at the expense of our loved ones. Praise God that He not only gives us commands we cannot keep in our own power – but He also makes us aware through His Word that we have no ability to be obedient in our own power. Thus, we seek His Grace, His power, His mercy and His face.

Is not our God amazing? Enjoy Him this day.

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