Scripture in the Morning #114

Scripture in the Morning #114:

Good Morning:

So the first two related questions…

Why then does God command us to do what we cannot do in our own power?
Why does God command us to do that which only He can accomplish through us?

have been addressed. Not fully, but at least in part. Now a few final considerations for you before we pose a new “Why” question to center upon for next week.

1 Corinthians 10:31 … do all to the glory of God.

Now – if we are honest – at the end of the day when we assess where we have been in view of doing everything to the glory of God we will see that we fall woefully short. We will not have done everything for His glory – even if His grace is wildly upon us. Praise God that we will have done some things in thought, attitude and action for His glory – and that precisely because He blessed us by moving us to do so. For that we thank God for His grace. But… we will not have done everything in thought, attitude and action for His glory. So…

For your consideration, perhaps we should respond with something like this…

"Lord, I have failed… and so I thank you for your amazing grace that forgives my sin. I praise you for the forgiveness you have for me eternally – and Lord, move me further tomorrow than I was today."

That is, for your consideration, our inability to be obedient in our own power – and the resulting failure on our part – should move us to appreciate that we are forgiven. This all should get us to drop to our knees and praise God the Father for His electing us onto salvation and for His sending His Son into the world. We should praise God the Son who lived a perfect life for us and died a sacrificial death for us (serving our hell sentence) and rising again defeating death for us. We should be moved to thank God the Holy Spirit for uniting us to the Father and the Son and for residing in us moving us to obedience when we are obedient.

All this is to say that our inability should drive us all the more to appreciate Grace, forgiveness and all the blessings our Triune God showers upon us. Or stated differently – our inability should lead us to appreciate, thank and praise our Triune God all the more.

Praise Him (our Triune God) for all this – and enjoy Him this day and throughout the weekend.

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