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Scripture in the Morning #129

Scripture in the Morning #129

Good Morning.

As stunningly amazing as it is that the God of the Universe invites us to pray and listens to all our prayers, we need to remember something…

As we enter into prayer, remember that prayer is a privilege that comes from Grace through Christ and that we have no inherent position before God that entitles us to have access to God through prayer. This is why we should pray from a position of humility. We do not deserve an audience with the Almighty. Yet, because of what Christ has done for us – because we are “in Christ” – we have access to God in prayer. May we never take for granted our instant access to the Lord of hosts. We have not earned that audience – we are given it by grace.

The idea that God hears, is interested in and answers prayers should be breathtakingly inspiring. We should be wildly motivated by the awesome privilege of prayer and we should be praying all day everyday. Think of it… we can talk to God!
Why do we not then want to talk to Him all the time?

Why do we so struggle with praying?

It is easy for me to remind you all to pray. It is, however, quite difficult for me to pray regularly and often myself. Perhaps you share in this difficulty. If not, praise and thank God for He has blessed you wildly. If so – if you are like me and earnest prayer is hard – well, what do we do?


John 15:5 I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.

We cannot become more prayerful in our own power. We need grace for that. We cannot become more reverent, more worshipful or more earnest in prayer in our own power. We need grace for that. So…

As odd as it sounds, it seems reasonable to pray that the Lord move us to become more prayerful and that He moves us to pray in a more respectful manner.

May the Lord make each of you more prayerful. And, if you would, please lift me and my struggling prayer life before the Lord and ask Him to move me to greater intimacy with Him in prayer. Let’s pray for each other’s prayer lives!

Have a wonderful day.

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