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Scripture in the Morning #133

Scripture in the Morning #133

Good Morning.

A new prayer starter…

Job 40:4-5 "Behold, I am of small account; what shall I answer you? I lay my hand on my mouth. I have spoken once, and I will not answer; twice, but I will proceed no further."

This prayer of Job is interesting. Job was a complainer early on – and he would do the unthinkable as well – he would have the temerity to tell God what God should do. But God, by grace at work in and through Job, moved Job to grow within the context of his life experiences (and life experiences that, as it were, were not so pleasant). By the time of Chapter 40, where our prayer starter is found, God had taught Job a great lesson – that we have no right to tell God in prayer what He should do (or not do).

Think about it. You can tell me what to do or not do and it can be quite legit because you may know better than I what is best in a given setting at a given time. I can, at times, legitimately tell you what you should or should not do too – again because I, in that setting, at that time, may have clearer thinking than you. Human-to-human interactions are like that.
But this is God we are talking to…
God always knows perfectly what is best and we NEVER know better than God. May the Lord protect us from the sin of being so proud as to tell Him what He should or should not do. May the Lord protect us as He protected Job in his chapter 40 prayer. May the Lord silence us in our counsel and move our hearts to receive His counsel.

Prayer is not for us to proclaim to God what He should do. What He does is always best!

Have a great day.

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