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Scripture in the Morning #137

Good Morning:

A suggestion for your consideration regarding Seeing Ourselves for Who We Are… we are a People Made Complete in Christ…

Col 2:10 you have been made complete in Christ…

You do not need to prove to yourself that you have value. You are complete in Christ. All you need, He supplies…

2 Corinthians 12:9 But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

You have value. Christ died savingly for you – you are an adopted child of the Father.

You have purpose: you are to proclaim the excellencies of God — our Triune God, the three-who-is-one and the one-who-is-three. You exist with one overarching purpose in mind – that everyone around you hears of God’s glory in Christ through you. You exist to minister and proclaim, serve others for their benefit that they would better know the Lord – doing it all out of love for the Lord and as an expression of thanksgiving to the Lord.

Your purpose is not something you seek in this life. It is not something you try to find. Your purpose is established in Christ it is to Proclaim God’s excellencies.

My friends, think of the names of the 5-6 most precious people to you in your life. Name them in your mind – one name at a time. Now, your purpose is to proclaim to those whom you named the glorious excellencies of God. Your purpose is to live to be used of the Lord to more fully unite those people you named to the Lord.

It is not a life of enslavement to to-do-lists. It is not a life of striving to prove. It is not a life of trying to establish identity, meaning or purpose. Your identity, meaning and purpose is established for you in Christ. Life is to be lived in complete dependence upon God’s Grace to equip you to minister to and praise God alongside those He has placed in your life to minister to.

It is a life of ministry and praise in the Lord’s power. May He bless each of you this day.

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