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Scripture in the Morning #171

Good Morning:

Col 4:5 Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time.

Do we truly make the best use of the time available to us? Do we spend too much time on things that do not matter overly? Do we spend too much time on things that are directed only towards ourselves and not towards those around us?

Of course, there are certain things that need to get done and we are simply relegated to do them. But are all the things we assume we “need”to do things that actually must be done? Are there ways to simplify and streamline so that we would have more time for doing the meaningful things?

What about time in the Word?

What about our prayer life?

We can pray while doing most anything. Do we have an ongoing prayer throughout the day towards our Lord. We do not need a time expressly set out for prayer in order to pray – though having (or making) such time is ideal.

So as we have a little time this weekend to assess how we spend our time, may the Lord bless us by moving us to order our lives in a way that is honoring to Him and a blessing to others. Please consider doing a "time inventory" and assess how you have spent your time – and then evaluate whether your use of time has been as it should be.

Psalm 90:12 Lord, teach us to number our days that you may grow in us a heart of wisdom.

Have a great weekend.

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