Scripture in the Morning #191

Scripture in the Morning #191
Good Morning:
Paul Washer again has a jewel for us…

“The question is not “do I know I am a sinner?” But rather, “has God so worked in your life that the sin you once loved you now hate?”

Washer here seems to be saying that if we really are saved, then we will have had the love of God poured into our hearts… and we will not want in any way to dishonor God. We will despise the sin in us and desire wildly that the Lord move us to obedience.

Romans 5:5 This hope will not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

It is not just a matter of merely knowing that we are sinners. Many non-believers will acknowledge that they are sinners (most will not – but plenty will). It really then is whether we so love the Lord that the last thing we want is to sin before Him.

So… has the Lord so poured His love into you that you love Him so much that you desire not to sin against Him? If so – then praise God and thank Him!

Now, wanting to not sin and not sinning are two different things. We will all struggle with sin – if we are saved. But that is, in part, the point. Has the Lord so changed your heart, blessed you and poured His love into you that you struggle with sin (not wanting to sin b/c you love the Lord and want not to dishonor Him – yet struggle because we are fallen)?

If your life is struggle with sin – then praise God – He has saved you. The lost might acknowledge that they sin – but they will not struggle with it.

Thank the Lord for His great grace this fine day and may you each enjoy Him today.

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