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Scripture in the Morning #217

Good Morning:

Jeremiah 2:13 for my people have committed two evils: they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed out cisterns for themselves, broken cisterns that can hold no water.

Ever wonder why so many people dislike their jobs? There are, I suppose, many reasons. But I wonder how much of our frustration with our job stems from us expecting our job to provide for us significance and security, contentment and purpose. And… in the deep recesses of our mind, or perhaps in the forefront of our mind — we know that our jobs fail us. The job simply does not provide significance of any note – or for that matter – any purpose, or security or contentment. So we dislike our job, complain and then leave looking for a “better job.” But jobs, careers… are broken cisterns that cannot hold water.

We place expectations upon our job — to give us what it cannot give. The world teaches that our job, our career, our education will provide water. But no.. broken cisterns cannot hold water.
Ever wonder why it is that no matter how much money one has — it is not enough? Or…

No matter how much fame, power or influence one has they are never satisfied, never content, can never find that security, that significance, or that sense of purpose that their thirst demands? Well… fame, power, influence, money… these things are all broken cisterns that hold no water.

Does it make sense at all to expect our jobs, our wealth, our fame, popularity, influence, or any such thing to satisfy our thirst? Does it make sense when we know that these things are leaky cisterns that cannot provide what we expect? Yet we do it. And what is the result? Frustration. Self-enslaving anger. And an undue emphasis on self. In it all, we remain thirsty.

The irony is that we who are saved ALREADY possess all that we crave — we just forsake the Living Waters — not reveling in the moisture that we have (the Living Water of God in Christ) and seeking, in a self-serving manner, after moisture where there is no water (the broken cisterns of the world).

Today…. remember who gave you water and praise Him. For He is awesome. And my friends, seek not what you already have in that which cannot provide.

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