Scripture in the Morning #33

Scripture in the Morning #33

Good Morning.

A quote from A.W. Tozer…

“If God gives us a few more years (or many), remember, it is not ours. Our time must honor God, our activity must honor God, and everything we do must honor God.”

I remember right before I left for college that my grandma took me aside and told me that once I got to college that before I did whatever it was I was contemplating doing at the time, ask myself “would I be comfortable doing it with my grandma at my side?” She then said, “so, if not – if you would not be comfortable with me at your side doing it – do not do it.”

Man… I hated that advice! And, unfortunately, I did not heed it often enough. Had I actually followed that council consistently, I and those around me would have been much better off. So…

Tying back into the Tozer quote… he seems to be saying that with what we do now and in the future we should intentionally seek after doing in a way that honors God. Our thoughts should, according to Tozer, be honoring to God. The actions that flow from those thoughts – they too, according to Tozer, should be God honoring.

He seems to be saying that rather than following my desires, my agenda, for my personal glory – I am – we are – to purposefully seek out instead the following of the agenda God sets for us in His Word – honoring Him as we do so. Living for God and others – not self.

That, is even more daunting a task set before us than what my grandma set before me so many years ago. So… we need grace to move us to do what Tozer suggests…

1 Chronicles 16:11 Seek the Lord and his strength; seek His presence continually!

Have a wonderful day and may the Lord move us to honor Him in thought, word, and deed.

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