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Scripture in the Morning #33

Scripture in the Morning #33

Good Morning:

I think we have all heard this one… “God helps those who help themselves.” To “help oneself” — if by this we mean we “try harder in our power,” or we mean that we depend upon self, see progress as of our own doing, and see it as what we do for us — well… this is very un-Biblical and is the opposite of humility.

That said, we are still quite active in pursuing humility. In the realm of humility, we actively pursue a vigorous, vibrant prayer life by seeking His Grace —through prayer — to move us to pray and by getting up off our knees from that prayer and living (in His power) consistent with that prayer. We actively seek refuge in Him and again through His Grace, seek after His further grace to move us to obedience.

Humility is to depend upon God for everything. It is to trust Him. It is to credit He and His grace for all that is good in us. It is to know and to live according to the reality that “God authors that which is good in us.”

Humility is to know that the desire for obedience, the desire for faith, the desires that lead to our worship, our service, our repentance… all comes to us by Grace through the Word of God that teaches us… and it is by grace and grace ALONE.

Psalm 25:9 He leads the humble in what is right, and teaches the humble His way.

Humility is when we realize we do not have the answers — He does through the Word. Humility is when we know we cannot do what is right and good apart from Grace and that God — by Grace, does all that is good within us — and He does this through His Word.

May we this day recognize His majesty and may He teach us His humble ways.

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