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Scripture in the Morning #58

Scripture in the Morning #58

Good Morning.

A great quote by R.C. Sproul…

“Loving a holy God – the one and only true God of the Bible – is beyond our moral power. The only god we can love by our sinful nature is an unholy god who we fabricate in our own minds. Unless we are born again, unless God, by grace, floods His holy love into our hearts, we will not love Him. To love a holy God requires grace.”

What Sproul is getting at, I think, is this: We cannot love the true God – the Triune God of the Bible – in our own power. In fact, the only way we can love God is if God Himself pours His love into us and we then – as saved-by-Grace born again believers – love the Lord with the Love He gave us in which to love Him!

Or stated simply, God moves our hearts to love Him.

Or stated differently still – our love for God is God’s gift of Grace to us.

Yet again – God in the power of the Holy Spirit who by Grace resides in us – moves us to love Him – in this we greatly benefit, find our only permanent joy, and in being moved to love Him we find the deepest contentment, blessing and purpose that can be experienced.

Love for the Lord is the Lord’s gift of Grace to us for our benefit. It is there where pleasures forevermore are experienced.

Psalm 16:11 in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

God’s moving us to love Him is an infinite expression of God’s love for us. He is no more complete for our having loved Him – for He is infinitely complete in who He is as God. God does not in any way benefit by our love for Him – nor is He in anyway enhanced by our love for Him. But we are tremendously more complete in being moved to love Him – in fact, our only permanent and most meaningful completeness consists in loving Him. We benefit in every way as God, by Grace, moves us to love Him. We are enhanced mightily and benefit phenomenally when, by Grace, the Lord moves us to increasingly love Him.

So… our faith is God’s gift to us – not ours to Him. Our obedience is God’s gift to us – not ours to Him. Our worship, our trust in His promises are all His gifts to us – not ours to Him. And, finally, even our love for God is God’s gift to us – not ours to Him.

May we thank the Lord this morning for all these amazing gifts He has bestowed on us.

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