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Scripture in the Morning #60

Scripture in the Morning #60

Good Morning.

From the Valley of Visions – a Puritan prayer book…

“May every part of my character and conduct make a serious and amiable impression on others, and impel them to ask the way to the Master”

Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

Some questions for each of us to consider…

Is the way we speak something that might draw others to think that we are indeed Christians?

Would they hear what we say and how we say it and from that be drawn to wonder what this God and Savior Christ is all about?

Are the words we choose to use and is the content of what we talk about different from what those unsaved in the world talk about?

Would what we say draw others to the Lord?

What about for those who watch us arrange our schedules and see how we spend our time. Would they see the centrality of Christ, of Bible study, of ministry in our lives?

What of our degree of contentment and joy? Do others see the joy of the Lord – the peace of the Lord – in us?

Taking this Puritan concept and framing it as a prayer…

“Lord, please move us to be loving, respectful, kind and generous – move us to continually speak of you, to praise and thank you before others – and move us to have you at the center of our life in how we spend time, energy and effort. And Lord please use us to be a blessing to those around us – that through seeing you at work in us, they too are drawn towards you.”

Have a rich prayer time this morning and enjoy your day.

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